International Adoption Of Children With Special Needs

Many people think that the term “special needs” refers primarily and exclusively to medical, physical or emotional disabilities.
Referring to children without parents the same term can have a different meaning. Most often it is associated with special care availability of children in need because their past has affected their physical and mental development.

It is more difficult for children with special needs to be adopted than it is for any other children. However, experience shows that these children, just as the others, can also be successfully adopted. Moreover, with the help of their adoptive parents most of them can overcome difficulties to catch up with their peers, and, in some respect, even become superior.To help those who are willing to adopt children with special needs, different countries offer different options to adoptive parents to obtain additional information about the child, to meet the child and get acquainted with his/her current health condition. In this regard, the international adoption procedure for children with special needs differs from the international adoption procedure for other children.

Current profiles of children with special needs

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